When are SSS contributions posted on the SSS records of members?
When can SSS payments be seen on members' online accounts?

Payments by Voluntary, Self-Employed, Non-Working Spouse and OFW members are posted much faster than payments by Employed members.

Payments by Non-Employed members can be posted within 3 days of payment date.

There are times you can see your SSS contribution payments posted within the same day, the next day or the 3rd day.
I've observed though that salary loan payments take a longer time to get posted.

For faster posting, pay at any SSS branch with a cashier counter, Bayad Center or SM Business Center.  These payment centers have their electronic payment systems connected with the SSS collection system, so posting is faster.

If you pay through an SSS-accredited bank, either over-the-counter or through online banking, posting takes a longer time. Banks have their own schedules for remitting SSS payments to SSS.

Our own recent experience:
On October 27, we paid our October contributions as Voluntary members at Festival Mall's Bayad Center. On the morning of October 29, we received texts from SSS informing us that our payments were already posted.  I think this text service is a new service from SSS.

Why Are Payments by Employed Members Take a Much Longer Time to Get Posted?

Because Employers Follow Schedules in Remitting Payments and Collection Lists to the SSS

Employers remit SSS contributions and loan payments to the SSS the month following collection. They have their own remittance deadlines based on their SSS employer numbers. They remit these payments as total collections, without names of employees. Names of paying employees (collection lists) are submitted at a much later date -- the month following the quarter. This is why SSS are able to post employee contributions and loan payments only after several months.

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