The amount of your SSS maternity benefit depends on your 6 highest monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately before your Semester of Contingency.

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I am giving birth in March 2013. Here are my posted contributions. Would you please compute my SSS maternity benefit. Thanks.

Feb   - 468
Mar  - 1092
Apr  - 1196
May - 1040
June - 520
July  - 260


You're giving birth in March 2013, so your Semester of Contingency is Oct 2012 to March 2013, and the 12-month period that SSS will consider for computation is Oct 2011 to Sep 2012. These are the 12 months immediately before your Semester of Contingency.
Have you paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12 months mentioned? Yes, you have paid 3 at least contributions. That means you are eligible for the SSS maternity benefit.

How much is your maternity benefit? Within those 12 months, SSS will look for your 6 highest monthly contributions, so it can find your 6 highest monthly salary credits. You only have 6 contributions, so SSS will just choose those contributions so it can get your 6 SSS monthly salary credits:

Feb  - 468    -  salary credit is 4500
Mar  - 1092 -  salary credit is 10500
Apr  - 1196  -  salary credit is 11500
May - 1040  -  salary credit is 10000
June - 520    -  salary credit is 5000
July  - 260    -  salary credit is 2500

If for example you have 7 to 12 monthly contributions within that 12-month period, SSS will find your 6 highest monthly salary credits. If you have only 3, or 4 o 5 contributions, SSS will just pick those 3, or 4, or 5 contributions to get your highest salary credits

In your case, you have exactly 6 contributions, so SSS will just choose those 6 as your highest.

Add the 6 highest monthly salary credits: 4500 + 10500 + 11500 + 10000 + 5000 + 2500 = 44000 pesos

Divide by 180 days. Why 180 days?  6 months x 30 days:  44000 / 180 = 244.44 pesos

Your average daily rate is 244.44 pesos.

If normal delivery, maternity leave is 60 days, so 244.44 x 60 = 14,666.67 pesos
Your maternity benefit is 14,666.67 pesos.

If Cesarean Section or CS, maternity leave is 78 days, so 244.44 x 78 =  19,066.32
Your maternity benefit is 19,066.32 pesos.

If you're employed, your benefit will be advanced to you in cash, check or payroll account deposit by your employer, either in full, or in partial amounts before and after your delivery.
If you're voluntary, OFW or self-employed, your benefit check will be delivered to you in the form of a check via a registered mail, delivered by your postman to the address you wrote in your maternity claim.

Warning:  Please check my computation; there might be an error. What's important is I have shown how the SSS maternity benefit is computed based on the rules released by the SSS on its website.

How much is the lowest maternity benefit amount?
2,000 pesos for normal delivery
2,600 pesos for CS

How much is the highest maternity benefit amount? 
The maximum monthly contribution increased to 16,000 pesos in January 2014: 
32,000 pesos for normal delivery
41,600 pesos for CS

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