You are eligible for pension if you have accumulated at least 120 monthly contributions before your semester of retirement.

You can file for your pension at age 60, if you're no longer self-employed.

You will have mandatory retirement at age 65, whether you're still self-employed or not.

If you are self-employed, here are the documents you need to prepare:

1. SSS Retirement Claim Application (SSS Form) 

2. Member’s/Claimant’s Photo and Signature form (SSS Form)

3. SSS ID card and 2 valid IDs (at least one ID has photo), original and photocopy

Apply for your SSS ID card, if you don't have it yet. Present your E-6 form acknowledgement stub if your ID is not issued on time.

4. If you are less than 65 years old:
  - Certificate of Cessation of Business, issued by the barangay where your business was located or where you are residing
  - or Certificate of Non-Renewal of Professional License, issued by the PRC
  - Or Certificate of Non-Renewal of Business Permit, issued by the Business Permit and     Licensing Office in your town or city
  - Notarized Affidavit of No Earnings from Self-Employment
  - or Notarized Affidavit of Cessation of Business
  - or Notarized Affidavit of Cessation of Practice of Profession

5.  Birth Certificate (Certified True Copy from NSO or Local Civil Registrar)
     - or Baptismal Certificate (Certified True Copy by the Parish/Church) and Certification of Non-availability of Record from NSO or Local Civil Registrar

6.  Your passbook or ATM card with your name on the card, or copy of deposit slip with machine markings (original and photocopy)

7.  Your Latest 1x1 picture

8.  If you have children younger than 21 years old, unmarried and unemployed:
     - Marriage certificate (Certified True Copy from NSO or Local Civil Registrar)
     - If single, Certificate of No Marriage from NSO
     - Birth Certificate (Certified True Copy from NSO or Local Civil Registrar) of each minor dependent child  
9. Others. SSS may require other supporting documents.

Note 1: If your claim will be filed by a representative, your representative needs to present his valid IDs, your Special Power of Attorney (SPA), and your IDs. 

Note 2:  If you are residing abroad, submit a notarized Affidavit that you are residing abroad. State your complete address. Submit a photocopy of your passport and 2 valid IDs issued by your country of residence. At least one of your IDs should have your photograph.

Where to File:

File at the SSS branch nearest your place of residence.