I already have my SSS number, but I am not yet employed. Can I start paying my contributions now?


No. You should not. Your contributions will be accepted by the cashier, but it will be put on hold by the SSS system.

What do you need to do? Apply to be a SELF-EMPLOYED SSS MEMBER. Show to SSS that you are earning at least 1,000 pesos every month from a legitimate source of income.

Steps to Do:

1. Fill up this SSS form -- E1 PERSONAL RECORD.
    Fill up the SELF-EMPLOYED (SE) portion of the form.
    Dati, merong RS1 Self-Employed form, pero ngayon, pinag-isa na nila sa
      E-1 Personal Record form.
2. Submit this form and your proofs of source of income to the SSS branch nearest your place of business or residence. Bring your IDs and xerox copies of your IDs.
3. Answer questions about your source of income: questions about what you do, how much you earn, etc
4.  Receive a copy of your E-1 form, approved and stamped by SSS.
5. You can now start paying your contributions as an SSS SELF-EMPLOYED MEMBER. Use the RS5 form.

Note: For E-1 approval, you must appear in person. SSS officers do not entertain representatives for E-1 applications.

What can you use as Proofs of Source of Income?
At least one of the following: (Original and Xerox copy)

1.  Business permit
2.  DTI registration
3.  PRC license
4.  Affidavit of Source of Income
5.  Receipts of commissions from sales
6.  Barangay Certification of Source of Income
7.  Vehicle registration and franchise papers, if you are an operator of a public utility vehicle
8.  Receipts of payments for online work (examples: Western Union or Xoom receipts)
9.  Printout of web page showing payments for online work (examples: Paypal or Odesk)

10. Other Proofs of Source of Income

.  The SSS officer may ask for some more proofs of income if you fail to answer questions about your source of income satisfactorily.
.  In some cases, an SSS officer will visit your sari-sari store, your place of business,
   or the small business you wrote in your E1 form or affidavit.