Updated February 14, 2018

This is how to enroll in SSS Online:

1.    Open your Internet Explorer

       This is the browser that works well with the SSS website.

2.    Go to the SSS website: sss.gov.ph

3.    Look for this and click:

  4.    Choose one of these 5 choices below:
         Choose the card, ID or receipt that you have with you.
         You will need to enter numbers later on in the registration.

  • Savings Account Number / Citibank Cash Card / UBP Quick Card / UMID - ATM Saving Account Number Registered in SSS
  • Mobile Number Registered in SSS
  • Employer ID Number / Household Employer ID Number
  • Payment Reference Number / SBR No. / Payment Receipt Transaction Number

5. Fill up the following fields:

CRN / SS Number
Email Address
Confirm Email Address
Preferred User ID
      -- (Create this. Use 8 to 20 characters. First character must be alphabetic. Underscore _ is the only special character allowed.)
Confirm Preferred User ID
Surname / Last Name
Given Name
Middle Name (Leave blank if you have no middle name)
Date of Birth
Mailing Address (Philippine Address)
Room / Floor / Unit No. & Building Name
House / Lot & Block No. Street Subdivision
Province : Select your province
City/Municipality : Select your city
Barangay: Choose your barangay
Postal code

6. Enter required numbers

If you chose Payment Reference Number / SBR No. / Payment Receipt Transaction Number:
Enter Payment Reference Number, if you paid at SSS
SBR No., if you paid at the bank
Payment Transaction Number, if you paid at Bayad Center or other Payment Channels)

If you chose Employer ID Number/Household Employer ID Number:
Enter your Employer SSS ID Number.

If you chose UMID CARD and if you have activated your UMID Card at an SSS Information Terminal:
Enter your UMID Card Pin Code or Enter your Mother's Maiden Name -- the name you wrote in the E6 - UMID Card Application Form. Surname/Last Name, Given Name, Middle Name

If you chose  Mobile Number Registered with SSS:
Enter your mobile number registered with SSS

If you chose Savings Account Number,  Citibank Cash Card Account No.,  UBP Quick Card Account No., or   UMID-ATM Savings Account No. Registered with SSS:
Enter your account number

7.  Enter the code that you see on the image
     (This is to make sure you are a person)

8.  Check  I accept the Terms of Service

9.   Click Submit     
       You will see a confirmation page asking you to check your email from SSS.

10.  Login to your email and find your message from SSS.
       On some days, it might take hours before your SSS email appears.

       Check your Spam box if it went there.

       When you see your SSS email, take note of your User Name and Password.
       Click the link given to complete your registration.

11.  After completing your SSS online registration, you can already login at sss.gov.ph to access your SSS online account.

12. Remember to change your password before the expiry of your password.
       SSS passwords expire every 6 months.

  If you have problems with registration:

. call the SSS Hotline at 920-6446 to 55

. or go to the nearest SSS branch office

. or email member_relations@sss.gov.ph

. or comment on the SSS Facebook Page: facebook.com/SSSPh

. For OFWs and other Filipinos living abroad:
  email  ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph 
  In your email, include your complete name, SSS no., date of birth, phone nos., address, and name of employer (if employed), and attach a scan or photo of your valid ID.

New SSS Contribution Table,  Effective January 2014 for Self-Employed, Voluntary, OFW, Non-Working Spouse members (Ito pa rin ang latest table, as of January 26, 2018. Hindi pa inilalabas ang sinasabi nilang increase in monthly contributions)

  You might want to read these tips in order to maintain your online SSS account:
        Online SSS Registration Tips

How to register in Online SSS

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