Updated April 17, 2016

Can Voluntary, Self-Employed or OFW members change their monthly SSS contributions every month?

There has been a big change on the rules since SSS released its circular on decreasing or increasing monthly SSS contributions in 2015. See the SSS circular on changing monthly SSS contributions here. 

What are the new rules?

1. If you are younger than 55 years of age, you are allowed to increase your SSS monthly contributions any time, by any number of brackets, and by any number of times within a year.

    If you want to decrease, you are also allowed anytime, by any number of brackets, and by any number of times within a year, as long as you do not go below the minimum amount in your membership category.

The minimum monthly salary credit for OFWs is 5,000 pesos, so OFWs should not decrease their contributions to below 550 pesos (the current monthly contribution for the 5,000-peso salary credit).

2.  If you're already 55 years old or older than 55, you are no longer allowed to increase many times within a year.  You are now limited.  You can increase your monthly SSS contribution once within a calendar year, and by only one bracket within a calendar year.

Is there an exception?  Yes, there is.
You are exempted from this limit if you have changed your membership type from Employed or Self-Employed to Voluntary Member or from Employed/Self-Employed/Voluntary Member/Non-Working-Spouse to OFW member for the first time.

These notes below are no longer true:

Yes. If you are a Self-employed, Voluntary or OFW member, you can increase or decrease your SSS contribution every month by 1 or 2 brackets at a time.

If you like to increase or decrease by 3 brackets or more, you must make sure that your actual income justifies a big and immediate increase or decrease in your monthly contributions because you will be required to fill up and sign the Declaration of Earnings portion of the RS-5 form. This declaration says:

"I hereby  declare, for purposes of Sec.19-A of the Social Security Law, the amount of __________ as my monthly earnings, which shall be the basis of my monthly selary credit to be effective until I revised in my next declaration.
I affirm under the penalties of perjury,that this declaration has been made in good faith, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, is true and correct."

Take note of the penalties of perjury.

You also sign this portion if you decrease your contribution and go below the 5,000 salary bracket.

Another restriction:  If you are 55 years old or older and your current monthly salary credit is already more than 10,000 pesos, you can increase by only one salary bracket at a time, even if your actual earnings increase by more than 2 salary credits over the month.

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