SSS Member:

Please help me write a Letter to SSS requesting SSS to post my monthly SSS contributions to my SSS Number. I found out recently, after about four years, that there is no record of my monthly SSS contributions.  I investigated, and I discovered that my cousin, whom I asked to make the payments for those years, wrote her own SSS number. She wrote my name and my address, but she failed to write the correct SSS number.


This is a sample letter I created. I hope I did not miss anything. You can modify it, or add to it.

Your cousin should also write a similar letter, describing her error, and requesting SSS to post all the payments to your number. This is very important, specially if the SSS contributions were posted in her SSS records, despite her SSS number not maching the name and address. SSS might even require her to submit an Affidavit describing her error and her request to correct the error.

Here is a sample Letter of Request for Correction:

Date of Letter

Self-Employed and Voluntary Members Department

Dear SSS Officers,

This is about the posting of my monthly SSS contributions to my correct SSS number.

My Name:  _____
My SSS No.:    _____
My Date of Birth: ______
My Current home address:  ________________

May I request your good office to please post the ____ monthly SSS contributions I paid from _____, 2009 to _____, 2013 to SSS No. _____________________.  These contributions were incorrectly credited to SSS no. ____________________.

This error happened because my cousin ____________________ who paid all the ____ contributions in my behalf while I was abroad (write valid reason) inadvertently wrote on the RS5 forms her own SSS number: _________________, instead of writing my correct SSS number, which is ________________.

Please post the following monthly SSS contributions to my SSS No. ____________________.

Applicable Month   RS5 O.R. No.      Date Paid      Amount Paid

April 2010            T#9118Z10H        05/08/10       0,000.00
May   2010          SBR#988428        06/07/10          000.00
June  2010           OTC#007897        07/07/10       0,000.00

Attached are copies of RS-5 forms for payment above.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,

SSS Member (signature above name)

Additional Notes:

Xerox all the RS-5 receipts for submission to SSS. If possible, go to SSS together with your cousin, so the SSS officers can immediately ask whatever question they need to ask.  Bring your SSS IDs or valid photo IDs.

Make 2 copies of your letter of request, so you can have one copy Received and Stamped by SSS.

About the missing RS-4 forms for the year 2009, your cousin should list these payments in her own letter, including the Applicable Months, and Amounts Paid.  She can check her online SSS account, if these were posted in her SSS account. If these were not posted, ask the SSS officer what you can do to have these contributions with missing RS-5 forms posted to your account.

We hope you can share later on your experiences with SSS, so you can help others in the same situation.

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