I am 7 months pregnant po. Nagsubmit na po ako ng Mat 1 sa SSS. Due month ko po ay sa August. My SSS contributions are from March 2012 to January 2013. Do I need to pay February to August 2013 so I can claim my maternity benefit? And how much po each month ang babayaran ko?

And do I need to change status from Employed to Voluntary or do I just check Voluntary when I pay at Bayad Center using RS 5 form? Thank you so much po.


If your month of delivery is August, then your semester of contingency is April to September 2013.
SSS will then look at the 12-month period April 2012 to March 2013 if you have paid at least 3 months within this period.

And yes, you have paid at least 3 months, so you are eligible for maternity benefit. You don't need to pay February to August 2013 to be eligible for maternity benefit.

Diyan din sa loob ng 12-month period na yan pipiliin ng SSS ang 6 highest monthly salary credits for computing the amount of your maternity benefit. Itong 6 salary credits will be divided by 180 days to get your Average Daily Benefit. It will be multiplied by 60 if normal delivery, and by 78 if through Cesarean Section.

About shifting from Employed to Voluntary: Once your contribution as Voluntary is posted, your member type will change from Employed to Voluntary. Your SSS account will show:

Coverage Status:  VOLUNTARY MEMBER

If you do not yet have an online SSS account, here is how to enroll in Online SSS.

NOTE:  I might have missed some things, so please ask others too.