Can a Foreigner be an SSS Member?

Can a Foreigner in the Philippines be an SSS Member? 

Yes, if he or she is a permanent resident of the Philippines, or if he or she is a foreign employee working legally in the Philippines.

He or she must also comply with registration requirements for membership as Employed, Self-Employed or Non-Working Spouse.

Source:  Citizen's Charter of the Social Security System
1st Edition, December 2009

"Social security protection shall be provided to all residents of the
Philippines, citizens and non-citizens alike, regardless of creed, gender, age,
geographic location and economic status, especially the disadvantaged, so that
no one will become a burden to society."

Requirements for Registration:

Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Bring other related documents, whatever is applicable to your residence or immigration status, in case additional papers are required:
-- Passport
-- Immigrant Certificate of Residence (ICR)
-- Board of Commissioner's (BOC) Order
-- Official Receipt of fees paid to the Bureau of Immigration

Note:  Bring xerox copies of documents

Photocopy of Passport includes biodata page, visa page, and latest arrival stamp


  1. can they also avail all the benefits enjoyed by the filipino worker? like, Sickness, Disability & Salary Loan?

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