If you have NO SSS Date of Coverage, you will NOT get your benefits.
Your contributions will be returned back to you.

What is Date of Coverage?
This is the date when you started becoming an active or paying SSS member.
This date is different from the date when you registered to get your SSS no. using E1 form.  There are people who got SSS nos. but never paid contributions.

Date of Coverage is the date when you registered properly as Self-Employed, OFW, Household Helper, or Non-Working Wife, or the date when your first employer reported you as Employed and your registration was approved by SSS, and then you paid your first monthly contribution.

You have a Date of Coverage if you or your employer filed your registration properly using any of these forms: 

RS1 form for Self-Employed
OW1 form for OFW
NW1 form for Non-Working Spouse
R1A form for Employed or Household Helper

How can I check if I have a Date of Coverage?

Visit the nearest SSS branch and verify your membership status and Date of Coverage.
You can also check your Online SSS account if you have a Date of Coverage.

What Should I Do If I Find Out I Don't Have a Date of Coverage?

Did you register properly before? Do you have a copy of your RS1 form or OW1 form or NW1 form that was stamped-approved by SSS?  If you have, go to the nearest SSS branch, present your RS1 form or OW1 form or NW1 form (original and xerox copies) and request the SSS officer to correct your data and enter your Date of Coverage.

If you did not register properly,  you have to start over again with SSS. Register properly using RS1, or OW1 or NW1 form with supporting documents and have your registration stamped-approved by SSS. Then start paying again your contributions.

What happens to the contributions you have paid in the past? 
Write a letter of request asking SSS to refund these contributions to you because you paid these contributions without first registering properly and you did not know about proper registration. Include in your letter a list of your contribution details:  Amount paid, Date paid, Applicable Month, OR no. and Total Amount. Attach copies of your RS5 receipts. Xerox your letter and have it stamped-received by SSS.

Online SSS Registration -- How to Enroll