Question from Ann:

I’m working abroad. I'd like to ask how to continue my SSS contribution. I've paid 48 monthly contributions before I stopped paying in August 2012 when I went abroad.

1. Can I get RS5 online?

2. Can my sibling get RS5 for me?

3. Can I still give the monthly contributions for the years that I wasn’t able to pay?

4. Am I eligible for the SSS maternity benefit? I’m expecting to give birth in March 2014.


1. Yes, you can download and print the RS5 form. But in many places abroad, remittance companies do not use the RS5 form. Usually, they use their own SSS remittance forms.

2. Yes, your sibling can get your RS5 form for you. Your sibling can also pay your SSS contributions for you using the RS5 form.

3. No, sorry, you can no longer pay for past years.

4. Yes, because you're an OFW, you can file documents with SSS and pay for previous months so you can qualify for SSS maternity benefit.

These are the things that you can do:  

-- You can go to the SSS desk of the Philippine consulate or embassy in the country where you are and ask to register to be able to continue as OFW member of SSS. Bring your IDs.  If possible, call first the embassy or ask around about their schedules so you don't waste time going there.

If you're in Singapore, here is the Philippine Embassy's address, based on the SSS website:

SSS Office
Embassy of the Philippines
20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395
Tel:Telefax No. (65) 6732-1858; (65) 623-55604
Officer in Charge: Marites C. Marin
Email Address:

-- If you cannot go to the embassy, download the OW1 form from or from this OW1 page. Print and fill up 2 copies and then send them, together with a copy of your passport or valid ID, through postal mail to:
 International Affairs and Branch Expansion Office
 Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

or email to
   (Subject: Overseas Filipino Worker registration)

-- Pay your contributions from January to June 2013 at a remittance company accredited to accept SSS payments. As an OFW member, you can still pay for these months even if they're already past.  Keep your receipts.

-- About registering in Online SSS:
   To enroll in My.SSS, you need 6 digits from your RS5 transaction no. Ask your sibling to pay for this current month or current quarter for you at a Bayad Center or at an SSS branch. Most Bayad Centers have RS5 forms. Your sibling should check Overseas Filipino Worker.  Ask you sibling to email you the SBR no. or cash-machine-printed no. on the RS5 form.
-- After 3 days, when it's likely that the payment has been posted, register in My.SSS at
-- Use 6 digits from the transaction no. in the RS5 form paid for by your sibling.

How to Register in Online SSS 

SSS Payment Deadlines for OFWs