SSS Payment Deadlines for Self-Employed, Voluntary, OFW Members

SSS Payment Deadlines for Voluntary, Self-Employed and OFW Members

Your deadline for paying your SSS contributions and loan payments depends on the last digit of your SSS no.

If the last digit           Your deadline is the ____ of 
        of                        the month following the
 your SSS no. is:        Month or Quarter You're 
                                   Paying for

1 or 2  --   the 10th day after the applicable month
                           or quarter
3 or 4  --   the 15th day after the applicable month
                          or quarter
5 or 6  --   the 20th day after the applicable month
                          or quarter
7 or 8  --   the 25th day after the applicable month
                          or quarter
9 or 0  --   the last day after the applicable month
                          or quarter

Your SSS no. is 0887458128
Your last digit is 8
Your deadline is the 25th day of the month following the month or the quarter you're paying for
If you're paying for February, your deadline is March 25.
If you're paying for August, your deadline is September 25.
If you're paying for the 2nd quarter (April May June), your deadline is July 25.
If you're paying for the last quarter (October November December), your deadline is January 25.

Note: Many collectors or payment centers, like Bayad Centers, do not have time calculating payment deadlines for different people with different SSS nos., so they accept only payments for the current month or current quarter. 

Payment Deadlines for OFWs

OFWs are special. They can pay for any month or any quarter of the year at any time of the current year.  SSS has considered their situation -- that they are in places where payment centers are not very accessible.

For example, it's already the month of August -- they can still pay for the previous months of January to July.  Or it's already Christmas -- they can still pay for the previous months of January to November.
During the month of January, OFWs can also still pay for the last quarter (November, October, December) of the previous year.

If you're an OFW on vacation and you're paying for past quarters, bring proof that you are OFW. If your family is paying for you, and they're paying for past quarters, they should bring proof that you are OFW.


  1. Hi im currently employed now and im resigning this month of october can i apply for voluntary contributions and pay once for the month of november to april 2017?

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  3. Hi po. pwede pa po ba bayaran ang(3rd quarter)July, August & September SSS Contribution?

  4. Hi, just want to ask if can i still pay my sss contribution for the month of july-december? Wala pa kasi akong payment this year. Im a voluntary member.

  5. Hi good evening po..ofw po ako hindi ko po nabayaran Jan to Dec pwede ko ba mabayaran next year?thanks po

  6. For SE/Voluntary, when will be the due date if we'll pay for the whole year?

  7. hi po, tanong ko lang po kung pasok yong hulog ko nitong january 2018, last year po kasi hanggang April lang ako nakahulog kaya nitong january na bakasyon ko galing abroad binayaran ko na yong 8 months na natira at ang taon pong ito binayaran ko na din po lahat. consider na po ba na full ang bayad ko last year? thanks po

  8. saan po pwede magbayad kapag due date na po

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