You can be an SSS member even if you're not employed or you don't have a source of income, as long as your husband is an SSS member who is Employed or Self-Employed. You can apply as SSS NON WORKING SPOUSE.

1.  If you don't have yet an SSS number, go to SSS with your birth certificate (original and xerox) and fill up 2 sheets of SSS Form E-1 -- Personal Record. Use black pen. After submission, SSS will stamp your SSS number on your E-1 form. Keep your copy of your E-1 form.

If you don't have your Birth Certificate, you can present your Baptismal Certificate, or your Passport.

2.  To register as Non-Working Spouse, fill up 2 sheets of SSS Form NW-1 -- Non-Working Spouse Record. Use black pen.

3.  Your spouse needs to sign the NW-1 forms.
     You also need to show your Marriage Certificate (original and xerox).
      Bring at least one valid ID.

How much is my monthly SSS contribution?

Your monthly contribution will be based on one-half of your spouse's latest salary credit.
Example: The latest contribution of your spouse is 1,300 pesos. The salary credit for 1,300 pesos is 12,500. One-half of 12,500 is 6,250 -- this will be your salary credit. Your monthly contribution will be 676 pesos.

Other info:

Your spouse should be an active SSS member. He should be Employed or Self-Employed. He or she should have contributed at least 1 contribution for the past 12 months.

The lowest salary credit is 1,000 pesos.  The lowest monthly contribution is 110 pesos.