Comparison Between SSS Self-Employed vs. Voluntary Member

Is there a difference between a Voluntary and a Self-Employed member?
Yes, there is.
There are several differences.


. Member who was Previously Employed or formerly an OFW, and now Unemployed, or now has own source of income.

. Member was properly reported by his employers to SSS. His contributions as Employee were remitted to SSS by his former employers.

. If member started his SSS membership as OFW, he registered using OW-1 form, and sent this form from abroad, or presented his OEC or proof of being OFW when he filed his OW-1 form at an SSS branch.

. Member has a Date of Coverage.

. He has paid contributions as Voluntary.  Once a member pays his contributions as Voluntary, his contributions will be posted as Voluntary payments, and his Member Category automatically changes from Employed to Voluntary, or from OFW to Voluntary.


 . Usually, this member was not yet employed or was never employed when he first registered with SSS. He first registered with SSS using the RS1 form, together with proof of his source of income as Self-Employed. His RS1 form was approved and stamped by SSS.

.  He is earning income from his business, like buy-and-sell, sari-sari store, beauty shop, direct marketing, or online selling.

.  Some are professionals who are not employed by companies or other people. They earn their own income. Examples are independent accountants, dentists, tutors, or therapists who are paid directly by their customers.

. He has a Date of Coverage. He was given a Date of Coverage after his RS1 application was approved and his first monthly contributions were posted.

. His SSS contributions were posted as Self-Employed contributions.

This is How to Register and Start Paying as Self-Employed Member.

So I don't have to present proof of source of income?

If you are not Employed, but you are earning money from your own business,  profession, occupation, register first as Self-Employed using the RS1 form.
Present this RS1 form, your ID and proof of source of income to the SSS officer and have it approved and stamped or signed. After approval, you can pay your first contribution using the RS5 form.

What is Date of Coverage?

When Are the Payment Deadlines for Self-Employed and Voluntary Members?

How Do I Enroll in Online SSS?

Can I Be an SSS member even if I have no job, no business, no occupation, and no source of income?  I'm being supported financially by my parents.

Sori, no.
SSS membership is only for people who earn their own money.

The only exception is the wife or husband of an active SSS member.  The Non-Working Spouse category is allowed because the wife or husband is also working as manager of the household. The form used for Non-Working Spouse registration is the NW1 form.