You can register as SSS Non-Working Spouse member if you are legally married to an active SSS member who is Employed or Self-Employed.

You should also have never been an Employed SSS member, never been a Self-Employed member, never been an OFW member, and in the present, you are devoting all your time to your household as spouse.


1. First, if you don't have yet an SSS no., get your SSS no.

   To get your SSS no., go to the SSS branch in your city or town, or to the branch nearest your residence or workplace. Bring your birth certificate (original and xerox copy). Ask for an E-1 form and accomplish it. Submit it to the SSS officer, together with your xerox and original copy of birth certificate.
The SSS officer will return your original birth certificate and will give you a copy of your stamped E-1 form with your SSS no. stamped on your E-1 form.

2. Ask for NW-1 form and accomplish it. There's a portion in the form that will be signed by your spouse.

You can file it another day, if your husband is not with you.

It's not mentioned in the form that marriage certificate and ID are required, but do bring them in case these are required.


Your monthly contribution will be based on one-half of the latest monthly salary credit of your spouse.

Example: 880 pesos is your husband's latest contribution. The salary credit for 880 is 8,000.
Your salary credit will be one-half, which is 4,000. Your monthly contribution will be 440 pesos.

Here is the SSS NW-1 form

Here is the SSS E-1 form