Here's a sample Salary Deduction Authorization for SSS Loan Payment:

             Salary Deduction Authorization 
                   for SSS Loan Payment


Name of HR Manager
HR Department
Company Name
Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. (Family name of HR Manager),

This is to authorize the deduction from my semi-monthly salaries starting on ________________ up to
 _______________ the amount of Php ________ and also the remittance of said salary deductions to SSS representing my loan payments to SSS. 

Thank you very much for your service and kindness.


 Employee Name


. Depending on the tone of the letter that you prefer, you can also change "This is to authorize the deduction"  to  "This is to request your office to deduct".
. Attach to this authorization letter a copy of your SSS loan check voucher, or a printed copy of your online SSS loan balance page.
.  Check from time to time your online SSS account, so you can track your SSS loan payments, posting and updating.