Updated Aug 2019

You can use this sample SSS Certificate of Separation from Employment as one of your documents to claim your SSS maternity benefit.

woman laptop-sss certificate of separation from employment

This certificate is required if you delivered your baby within 6 months of your date of separation from your employer.  Sometimes, SSS officers also require this certificate even if the gap between separation and child delivery is already more than 6 months but still less than one year.

Request your former employer to title your certificate as Certificate of Separation from Employment, because that is the certificate required by the SSS. A Certification of Employment (COE) is different, even if it contains almost the same information.

SSS did not issue a standard form for a Certificate of Separation from Employer or from Employment, but it specified that it must include the Date of Separation.

                                          Company Name
                                          Company Address

This is to certify that Susan Masipag who has been employed since April 4, 2008 by our company XYZ Co., with address at 123 Masaya St., Makati City, was separated from our employ on September 8, 2013.

 This certification is issued upon her request for the processing of her maternity benefit claim with the SSS.

                                                                Name and Signature of 
                                                                Authorized Company

                                                            Designation/Position of 
                                                           Authorized Representative

                                                                    Date Signed                                    


  Only one and the same person should sign these 3 documents and the signatures should be the same: 
         Certificate of Separation from Employment
         Certificate of Non-Advancement of SSS Maternity Benefit 
         L-501 Form (2 copies)                                                 


If your company has closed down, or if you can no longer find your former company, or if your company explicitly tells you it no longer wants to deal with you, you can use the SSS Affidavit of Undertaking form. 

Photo credit: Photo by Tinh Khuong on Unsplash