Question from Chokolatier,
as posted in the Comment section of SSS Maternity Benefit and Delivery No.

I'm Angel, a voluntary member. I contributed 1,560 pesos from October to December 2013 and from January to April 2014. I gave birth on April 3, 2014 via normal delivery.
SSS gave me 15,000 pesos as my maternity benefit. 250 pesos x 60 days = 15,000 pesos.
I thought the benefit is based on my contributions. Where did they get 250? I was trying to call SSS but the phone is always busy.


Yes, it's correct that your maternity benefit of 15,000 pesos resulted from
250 pesos x 60 days.

250 pesos resulted from 45,000 pesos / 180 days = 250 pesos

45,000 pesos is the total of 3 x 15,000 pesos = 45,000 pesos

The three 15,000 pesos represented your salary credits from October to December 2013.

Why only three 15,000 pesos?  And why only October to December 2013?

Because you gave birth in April 2014. So your semester of contingency is January to June 2014. This semester of contingency is excluded from the computation.

It is the 12 months immediately before your semester of contingency that are considered.
Within this 12-month period, SSS will look for your 6 highest monthly contributions and your 6 highest salary credits.

Your 12-month period before your semester of contingency is January to December 2013. Since you contributed only 3 contributions over this period (your contribution of 1,560 each from October to December 2013), SSS considered only these 3 contributions.

October 2013       1,560    15,000
November 2013   1,560     15,000
December 2013    1,560    15,000
Total                                   45,000  pesos