Can I Pay for This Quarter to Qualify for SSS Maternity Benefit?

Question from Jolene
as posted on June 20, 2014 in our article "SSS Contributions by Voluntary Members"

I'll be giving birth first week of December this year. My last SSS contribution through my employer was August 2013. Can I claim my SSS maternity benefit? Or should I pay certain months to qualify?


Yes, you can pay for the quarter of April to June 2014 so you can qualify.

If you'll give birth in December 2014, your semester of contingency is July to December 2014. The 12 months before this semester of contingency will be what SSS will evaluate. SSS will look for 3 to 6 posted contributions and salary credits within July 2013 to June 2014.

If there are more than 6 contributions, it will look for the 6 highest contributions, and therefore, the 6 highest salary credits.

You said your last contribution was August 2013. This means you have 2 contributions in 2013 that will be considered by SSS -- your contributions in July and August 2013. But 2 contributions will not be enough.  Pay your contributions for this quarter, April to June 2014, so you will qualify. Pay this June, so you don't have to worry about missing your payment deadline. You can still pay in July depending on the last digit of your SSS no., but pay at an SSS branch.  Here is a chart showing SSS payment deadlines.

How much monthly contribution will I pay?

The higher your monthly contributions and salary credits, the higher will be your SSS maternity benefit amount.
But SSS might question you if you suddenly increase your monthly contribution from the minimum contribution to the maximum contribution, without any corresponding sudden increase in monthly earnings.

Here's a chart showing SSS monthly contributions for Voluntary, Self-Employed and OFW Members

You can increase your average monthly SSS contribution in 2013 by 2 levels. You can also pay a much higher amount or the maximum monthly contribution of 1,760 pesos, but fill up the Declaration of Earnings portion of the SSS RS5 form if you are increasing your monthly contribution by more than 2 levels.

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  2. hello po makaka avail po ba ako ng Maternity Pay kung noon ng work ako from may2016-september2016 tapos ng stop na ako ng work then ngayon ngwork ako may2017 nag start payment ko continui from my new employer then ngayong October 2017 nakunan ako. Ask ko lang makaka Avail ba ako sa SSS ng Maternity Pay.

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