Question from Jenny V:

   Where can I file a complaint against my employer? I cannot yet file my MAT2 maternity benefit claim because my contributions have not yet been posted.

   They have shown me payment receipts, but they have not filed them with SSS. I gave birth on Dec 29, 2013 and then I left the company on April 15. I went to SSS, and they told me to submit 3 requirements: L501 and Certificate of No Advancement of Maternity Benefit. I already  have one, the COE.

If I pay as Voluntary, since I'm now currently unemployed, am I still required to submit L501 and the other documents?


1.  Where can I file my complaint against my employer?

   If you finally decide to file a complaint against your former employer, file your complaint at SSS Diliman. Submit an Affidavit describing your situation, your claim and your employer's actions. Bring relevant documents.

But it is much better to resolve your problem first with your employer before filing a complaint.

2.  My contributions have not been posted.

You said you gave birth in Dec 2013, so your semester of contingency is July to Dec 2013. SSS will look for your 6 highest salary credits within July 2012 to  June 2013.  This means that even if your 2014 contribuitions have not yet been posted, then you can file your MAT2.  Anyway, what SSS will look for are your contributions within the 12-month period from July 2012 to June 2013.

3.  They told me to submit 3 requirements:

  File L501, Certificate of Separation with date of Separation, and Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit.   COE is different from Certificate of Separation.  The title of the certificate should be Certificate of Separation from Employment.  It shows your name, your employer and your date of separation.

4. Can I file my MAT2 as Voluntary so I don't need to submit the 3 requirements?

Whether you file as Separated or Voluntary, you are still required to submit the 3 requirements because your Date of Delivery and Date of Separation are within 6 months of each other.  The SSS guide mentions 6 months, but many SSS officers still require these 3 documents even if the gap is already more than 6 months but still less than 1 year.

NOTE: Updated June 2016
There is now a new MAT2 form for Self-Employed, Voluntary, Separated, OFW or Non-Working Spouse members:

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