How to Fill Up SSS ML-1 Form as Individual Payor

This is how to fill up the SSS ML-1 Form as Individual Payor:

If you're paying your Salary Loan Amortization:

If you're paying an Underpayment, or an Additional Payment:

1.  DO NOT write under "EMPLOYER ID NUMBER".

2.  Write your SSS No. under "EMPLOYEE SS NUMBER"

3.  Write your Name and Address under "EMPLOYER'S REGISTERED NAME & ADDRESS"
      Optional: Write "E" over "R" to change "EMPLOYER'S" to "EMPLOYEE'S" 

4.  Write "Salary Loan" under "PAYMENT TYPE"

5.  Write the month being paid for under "APPLICABLE MONTH"

6.  Write amount beside "Enter total amount collected per collection list"

8.  Write total amount beside "Total Amount Remitted"

9.   Write total amount in words under "Total amount remitted in words"

10.  Write total amount beside "Cash"

11.  Write your name and sign above your name beside "CERTIFIED CORRECT"

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