Why Is My SSS Maternity Benefit Only 6,500 Pesos?

Question from Rachel:

I would like to ask regarding my SSS maternity benefit computation.

In 2008, I worked in the Philippines and started with SSS as self employed. In 2011, as OFW, I paid 1,560 every quarter.

I came home in January 2013 and changed my contribution to 275 pesos from January 2013 up to now. I submitted all what SSS needed. I gave birth July 4,2014. I delivered via CS.

Today, my check arrived. The amount is 6,500 pesos. Why is the amount too small? What was the basis for computation?

If the computation is wrong, is there a chance that I can have it corrected? Thanks for the reply.


Hi Rachel, the computation is correct.

You gave birth in July 2014, so your semester of delivery is April 2014 to September 2014.
The 12-month period before your semester of delivery is April 2013 to March 2014.

It is within this 12-month period that SSS looks for your 6 highest contributions. You said you've been paying 275 pesos monthly from January 2013. So your 6 highest contributions are six 275 pesos.

The salary credit for 275 pesos is 2,500 pesos.

Your 6 highest salary credits are six 2,500 pesos.

6 x 2,500 pesos = 15,000 pesos

15,000 pesos / 180 days = 83.33 pesos

The no. of leave days for CS is 78 days.

78 days x 83.33 = 6,500 pesos

So your maternity benefit is 6,500 pesos.

This is how to check Semester of Delivery or Semester of Contingency.

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