You can see on your online SSS account if your SSS Maternity Benefit Claim is Denied.

You will see the word "Denied"

Oftentimes, you can also see the reason for denial.

So what will you do when your claim is Denied?

1.  Wait for your claim documents to be returned to you through the postal mail.
      Your documents will be returned to the address you wrote in your MAT2 form.

      Can you go to SSS to get your denied documents?
      Usually no, because they do not know where your documents are at a certain point in time.
      No one is recording where every document is located at a certain point in time.

      Can you file another set of claim documents?
      No, because you do not know what SSS wrote in your denied documents.
      Besides, SSS needs to see their remarks on the denied documents.

      Can you go to SSS and ask for explanation for the denial?
       Yes, go to where you filed your claim.

2.  After seeing the reason for your Denial, or the instructions for re-filing,
      comply with them.

3.  Re-submit your claim together with the correct documents.

How long are you going to wait for the documents to be returned?
It may take 3 weeks to 1 month or more from date of denial, based on comments from users.

Can I go to SSS and change the address written on my MAT2? I no longer live in the 
address I wrote in my MAT2 form.
SSS cannot pinpoint the exact location of your documents at any point in time, so think of a way to access your previous address.
One option is to talk to the local post office or postman that serves your previous address.

Most Common Reasons Why SSS Maternity Benefit Claims Are Denied