If you're currently an OFW, and you did not work here in the Philippines before going abroad, and therefore you were never reported to SSS as an Employed member, it is wise for you to register with SSS while abroad.

Why do OFWs need to register as new members while abroad?

Because it's easier. It's expected that your registration will be approved by SSS.
SSS will easily see that you are really working. They do not need to ask a document that you really have work.  As you know, SSS is only for those who are actually earning income from their work.

Is it difficult to register with SSS as Self-Employed?

Yes. If you postpone registering with SSS, and you think of enrolling later on as Self-Employed when you come home for good in the Philippines, registration will not be easily approved.  SSS will ask you to submit proofs that you are earning income from your current work in the Philippines.

How to Register as new OFW member while abroad

3 Options for Registration:

1.  If there's an SSS desk office at the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate in the city where you are working, you can go there with your passport or IDs and register.

     If you do not have an SSS number yet, bring your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or passport.

     Here's a list of SSS branches overseas.

2.   Download the SSS OW-1 form.

      Fill up the OW-1 form. Prepare a photocopy or scan of your IDs, passport, or birth certificate.
      Send by postal mail to:
      International Affairs and Branch Expansion Office
      SSS Building, East Avenue
      Diliman, Quezon City

      You can also email SSS and attach your documents to:

3.  Register at the nearest SSS branch while taking your vacation in the Philippines.
     Bring your IDs or passport and OEC or any proof that you are currently an OFW.
     Bring your birth certificate or baptismal certificate if you do not yet have an SSS number.

How to Pay Your SSS Contributions While Abroad:

     Pay your monthly contributions at accredited SSS remittance companies such as IRemit, Ventaja, PNB, Landbank, BDO and their remittance partners.

     You can make a one-time payment for several months, so you'll save on remittance fees.  Anyway, the SSS payment deadline for OFWs is flexible. At any point in time during the current year, you can pay for any month of the current year.

     If you have an active account with a Bancnet-member bank, you can pay your SSS online. There is no remittance fee. Go to bancnetonline.com.  This is how to pay SSS through bacnetonline.com

How much should I contribute?
    The minimum monthly contribution for OFWs is 550 pesos. The salary credit for 550 pesos is 5,000 pesos.
    Here is the SSS monthly contribution table.