Should you update your SSS civil status from Single to Married before filing your maternity benefit claim or MAT2 form?

There are many questions like this:

"What should I do regarding my current civil status? When I filed my Mat 1, I was not yet married,
so  I used my maiden surname.  I just got married this June 2015 and my expected labor will be next
month. What is the right process? Should I update my civil status now? Or can I postpone updating?
Will there be a problem if I'll use my husband's surname when I'll give birth? Thank you."


Yes, you need to update your civil status before filing your MAT2.

After you file your SSS E4 form and marriage certificate with SSS to change your civil status, it might take SSS one month or more to update your Civil Status record with them from Single to Married, so before you file your MAT2, check first your civil status record with SSS if it has already been changed. This is to make sure that your Married status in your MAT2 matches your Married status in the SSS database.

New Valid ID showing your Married Surname:
In preparation for check claiming or encashment or bank account opening, apply for a valid ID that shows your Married Surname. You can apply for the new digitized Postal ID.
If you're employed, request for your new ID showing your Married Surname.


In previous years, SSS has processed maternity benefit claims even if newly members have not yet
updated their Single status to Married status.

But now, SSS officers have become stricter. They are now implementing what is on the SSS Primer:

"Keep your personal records such as address, contact number, beneficiaries updated and correct by submitting a completed SS Form E-4 (Member’s Data Amendment Form) together with the corresponding supporting document/s to avoid delays in the processing of benefit claims."

"SS Form E-4 (Member’s Data Amendment Form) -
Changes in the member’s record should be reported immediately to the nearest SSS office by accomplishing this form."