No. Not yet.

You're qualified to apply for your SSS ID only after you have a Date of Coverage (DOC).

You're given a Date of Coverage only after your first SSS contribution payments are validated and posted.

When are SSS contribution payments valid? 

Your payments of SSS contributions are valid if you are one of these:

    . Your employer reported you to SSS and remitted your SSS contributions to SSS

    . You have registered as self-employed using RS-1 form and your registration was approved by an SSS officer.

    .  You were previously an employee whose employer remitted your contributions to SSS, and now that you've stopped working for a company, you are paying your SSS contributions as Voluntary.

   .   You registered as an OFW member using OW-1 form.

   . You registered as a Non-working spouse using NW-1 form.
Additional requirement:

The SSS officer will also check your personal data in their database if everything is correct.

If there's an error, like your middle name consists of only one letter, or your name on your ID is different from what is on their database, or your birth date is February 31, 1971, the SSS officer will ask you to correct these errors first before your SSS ID application is accepted.

To correct your personal data, fill up 2 copies of the SSS Member Data Change Request form.