These are the additional documents that you need to file in behalf of an SSS member who is incapacitated and is not able to file his claim by himself:

1.  Valid medical certificate of member issued by his/her attending physician confirmed/
certified by the Medical Specialist of the Medical Evaluation Team (MES)/PE Center (PEC) of the SSS Medical Operations Department

Note: You may file the Retirement Claim Application RCA form and other required documents while waiting for the Physical Examination and Interview (PEI) result.

2.  Affidavit for Guardianship of Incompetent Pensioner (SSS form CLD1.1B), if guardian is the
spouse/parent; or

 Application for Representative Payee and Guarantor’s Bond Form (SSS form BPN 109), if guardian
is other than spouse/parent

3.  In-trust-for (ITF) savings account

Note: SSS may require other documents, if necessary, while the claim is being processed.

These are the additional documents required if the claimant is an incapacitated spouse:

1.  Affidavit of Death Benefit (SS Form CLD-1.3A)
2.  Marriage contract with the deceased member
3.  Medical certificate of incapacitated spouse issued by the attending physician
4.  Application for Representative Payee (SS Form CLD-15)
5.  Guarantor's Form (SS Form BPN-107)
6.  Single Savings Account (In-Trust-For) the spouse

References: Page 86 of the SSS Citizen's Charter 2016 Edition 
                     Page 48 of the SSS Guidebook 2010 Edition