Certificate of Separation if Less Than 65 Years Old for SSS Retirement Claim

Am I Required to Submit a Certification of Separation When I Claim My SSS Pension at Age 60?

Question from an SSS Member:

I am an SSS voluntary member. I'd like to know, should I retire at 60 years old, whether I'm required to get a certificate of separation from my last employer, way back 1989.
Since then, upon resumption of my SSS contribution last 2006, I am paying in the capacity of a voluntary member.
Are there any options or alternatives of getting equivalent or other related requirements in lieu of the certificate of separation?
I am just projecting this scenario, though I am only 52 years old at this moment.


If your status is EMPLOYED to VOLUNTARY MEMBER, you will no longer be required to submit a Certificate of Separation.
 Check your member status in your online SSS account.

Others Who Are No Longer Required to Submit a Certificate of Separation or Proof of Cessation of Business:

Self-Employed to Voluntary Member
OFW to Voluntary Member
Self-Emploted to OFW
Employee to OFW

Underground Mineworker 60 years old or older
Employed, Self-Employed or Voluntary Member 65 years old or older

Source:  SSS Citizen's Charter, 2016 Edition (Page 81)

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