Hi, good day. Can I Avail of SSS Maternity Benefit? I was AWOL last December 2015. Then I filed my MAT! last March as a Self-Employed.  I gave birth via C-Section this May. This June, I changed my status and paid my contributions this month.  What requirements should I file so I can avail of maternity benefit? Thank you in advance.


If you've paid at least 3 monthly contributions within Jan 2015 to Dec 2015, you are eligible for SSS Maternity Benefit. 
Submit these documents:
 - Maternity Benefit Application for Self-Employed, Voluntary Member
 - Maternity Notification (signed and stamped by SSS before delivery)
 - Birth Certificate of your baby, from the NSO or Local Civil Registrar
 -  Operating Room Record 
      or Surgical Memorandum
      or Discharge Summary Report
      or Medical/Clinical Abstract
      or SSS ID application stub
      or other valid IDs  
 -  Affidavit of Undertaking (notarized) 
      You will submit this because your delivery date is within 6 months of your last day with your employer
      You can submit this affidavit instead of a Certificate of Non-Advancement of Maternity Benefit from your employer because you went AWOL.  

 - Bring original and photocopies of documents

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