We often receive these questions, so we will answer.

I am not a member of SSS, but my husband is a member. Can I avail of SSS maternity benefit under his name?
Sorry, no. You should be a member of SSS.

Both my husband and I are members of SSS. Aside from my SSS maternity benefit, is there a separate maternity benefit for my husband? 
None. There is no separate maternity benefit for your husband.

I don't have a job or a business, so I'm not an SSS member. Can I apply for SSS membership so I can avail of SSS maternity benefit?
Yes, if your husband is an Employed member of SSS, you can apply as a Non-Working Spouse.

How do I apply as a Non-Working Spouse?
Get 2 copies of the registration form for Non-Working Spouse from the nearest SSS branch. You can also download the form from the SSS website sss.gov.ph and have it printed.
Accomplish the forms and have your spouse sign your forms. Go to the nearest SSS with your ID and marriage certificate (original and photocopy) and submit your forms.

View or download the SSS Non-Working Spouse Record form here.

How much will be my monthly contribution?
The basis of your monthly contribution will be one-half of your husband's latest monthly salary credit.

If I pay now, can I avail of SSS maternity benefit?
It depends on your delivery date. Kapag malayo pa ang due date mo, malamang meron ka pang time na habulin yong required contributions.

Ang requirement ng SSS ay naka-contribute ka ng at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately BEFORE your semester of contingency.

Kung one- to 4-months pregnant ka pa lang, baka puede ka pang humabol, depende kung nasa simula o nasa dulo ng semester of delivery ang buwan ng delivery mo.