Learn from the experiences of SSS members who had miscarriage and whose SSS maternity benefit claims were approved.

From Michelle, June 1, 2016

Hi, I had filed my maternity claim for miscarriage (Incomplete Abortion With D&C Procedure) this May 30,2016. Though I was not able to talk to the SSS doctor (coz there’s none on duty) I was told to go back on June 1 for approval. I just got my claim and was APPROVED already (yeey!) and luckily my company would reimburse me right away this coming pay-out. Thanks for your blog that helps me a lot to understand the process of claim better. Your blog answered most of my inquiries since it was my first time to have D&C procedure.

Here is the list of the documents I’d submitted. Hope this will be of great help.
- MAT2
- Medical certificate (Orig copy)
- Complete Obstetrical History (form available at SSS/your HR dept)
- Clinical Case summary/Medical abstract (Certified true copy)
- Discharge summary (certified true copy)
- Surgical Memorandum (certified true copy)
- Anesthesia Record (I guess this was just a supporting doc but will be given still by the hospital)
- Histopathogy Report (certified true copy)
- Mat 1
- Ultrasound result before my miscarriage, Certified true copy (I didn't have Ultrasound result after since I have other supporting docs)
- Our HR Dept also provided me with my contributions to SSS for the past 6 months (but I guess this is just a supporting doc also)

Make sure to have the hispathology report to be certified true copy because this was a big issue with a colleague's application. Since it was done by another lab, the hospital won't certify it and SSS wants it certified.
If your hospital is also conducting the same test, better do it there if the price is reasonable, I got mine at P1,200, but the price range is from 900-2500 depending on the laboratory.
And lastly, make sure the date of your procedure would be the same with all your documents to avoid inconvenience at SSS. I hope this will help because before I was confused with the requirements listed given by SSS, as what were given at the hospital's Record Section because the docs were labeled differently.

Thanks again and more power!

From Mizpah, July 24, 2016

Just like to add, I was able to get maternity benefit. Had miscarriage on my 6th-7th week of pregnancy.  Hugs to all angel moms.

From Liah, May 6, 2016

Hi. I filed my claim a week after my miscarriage. At first, I was hesitant to file it because it’s just 5 1/2 weeks. But I just submit the requirements, then they told me that they would assess it first and follow it up after a month, And to my surprise, I didn’t expect to get my cheque earlier.

For those filing, just try to file your SSS claim, even if you don't have the before-ultrasound. Just present to them the after-ultrasound, OB history and Medical certificate. I did not submit to them my PT kit.
But I think it also depends on person who will assess your documents, I first went to SSS Marikina. They were asking me to provide the before and after ultrasound. I told them that I just had the after ultrasound and I also don’t have histopath since there is no raspa done to me. Thats why I decided to go to another SSS branch which is the Fairview branch. They told me to wait. After a month I thought they will not approve my claim. But I got my cheque after 2 to 3 weeks.

In summary:
I had miscarriage 5 1/2 weeks, No raspa performed.
I got my cheque 2-3 weeks after I submitted the requirements,
- MAT 1
- Before and after ultrasound
- OB history
- Medical certificate
- Since I have a B-HCG result, I also attached it
- Also submit if you have a histopathology report.
I filed it at the SSS Fairview Branch.

From Gwen, August 27, 2014

Hi. I would just like to give you the updates of what I’ve been through since your blog helped me and educated me in all possible ways. Here's my story:

June - I had a miscarriage and have not filed MAT1.
July 9 -  Had my d&c
July 27 - Submitted my MAT2 & MAT1 altogether
Aug17 - I emailed our HR partner and asked if I'm still eligible for the said maternity benefit.
Aug20 - Here’s what our HR partner replied:
“Please take note that employees who had miscarriage need not to submit MAT1. Benefits will be credited to employees payroll.”
Aug27 - Checked my online account and amount has been credited !!! yey!
Thanks so much. Kung hindi dahil sa blog mo, hindi ko malalaman na may mga benefits ako.