Unposted SSS Contributions

<b>About unposted SSS contributions</b>2/9/16
Hi good morning, please help me make a letter of request for posting contributions 2013. I applied as self employed then paid six months. When I got employed, my employer paid year 2013-2016, and they were not posted. How can I fix it?
Do you mean you went to SSS, verified your contributions, and your record does not show any contribution? Not even one contribution? Do you have with you SSS the verification slip with SSS note that you have zero contributions?
Bring this note to your former employer and request a copy of receipts and collection lists from 2013 to 2016 in which your name appears so you can bring these documents to SSS.

Together with these documents, submit a letter, something like:
Dear SSS ____ (branch)

My name is _____and my SSS no. is ____________.
Please post my SSS contributions from ____ 2013 to ___ 2016. Attached to this letter are ORs and collections lists from my former employer ______.

These are my payments for my SSS contributions:

 Applicable Month  Date Paid    OR No.  Amount paid
 ________          ________     _____   _________  

Thank you,

For your self-employed contributions, make another letter, attach copies of your receipts.
Xerox your letters and have them signed Received by SSS -- you will use this for your follow-ups.


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